Professional Basketball Team

Professional Basketball Team

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1:Colorado Springs Mountaineers (ABA) Professional Basketball Team

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Write a professional business plan for an American Basketball Association (ABA) Professional Basketball Team. The team is a new start-up The Colorado Springs Mountaineers. The plan be full and complete with the ability to acquire financing from banks and or investors.


Explain in detail these concepts for your magazine one by one in order of the numbers: 1. The original name of your magazine (INTERNATIONAL CULTURES) 2. The specific target audience of your magazine(FOR BOTH INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS AND LOCAL STUDENTS) 3. The purpose of your magazine(TO EXPLORE MORE ABOUT INTERNATIONAL CULTURES) 4. The mission statement of your magazine 5. The usefulness and hard news value of your magazine(MORE OF INTERNATIONAL CULTURES) 6. The identity and character of your magazine 7. The editorial formula of your magazine 8. How your magazine will be able to compete successfully with other magazines of this type 10. The relevant sources of facts and experts that you will use for this magazine

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