Case Study powerpoint studing from the book by Wade.

The following post has two assignments namely;

1.Case Study powerpoint studing from the book by Wade. C.. Tavris, C. (2017). Psychology.

Unit II PowerPoint Presentation

Imagine that you are a practicing psychologist, and you are the featured presenter for the upcoming
psychology conference. Your chosen topic centers upon factors that influence human behaviors and
cognitions. In your presentation, you want to teach the audience about biological. evolutionary, and
environmental factors that influence behaviors. To do this. you will need to prepare a PowerPoint to present
to the audience. In your PowerPoint presentation, be sure to include the below concepts:

Identify ways in which the environment can both nurture and thwart mental ability. Explain how nurture and
nature play interactive roles in shaping behavior.

Summarize the effects of some of the main neurotransmitters in the brain. and list four hormones that
influence behavior.

2.New organizational form

“Organizations in the contemporary world have to adapt and innovate in order to
compete if they are firms, or to meet society’s growing expectations if they are public
service providers. It has become increasingly obvious that conventional forms or
organizations are not well suited to support these requirements, and a spectrum of
alternative approaches is therefore being tried out. These alternatives are usually
described as ‘new organizational forms’” (Child, 2015)

a) Drawing on theory and organisational literature, critically assess the structures
of two organisations you are familiar with (50%)
b) With reference to your analysis in part (a) evaluate what would be required for
these organisations to transition to a ‘new organizational form’

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