Gender identity

The following post has three assignments namely;

1.Gender identity

Intro: Central claim-Focused message. How the ad reinforces a specific message and how does it impact society. Introduce ad/name.
Subclaims: 3. Each based on one specific element from the ad and connected to an anyltical point about how that element sends a certain gendered message/ a certain gender identity and it’s consequences.
What is the gender identity your selected ad constructs?
What are the larger social implications of this constructed identity and it’s significance to society?

2.Personal Narrative

Multimodal Personal Narrative – Develop a multimodal document to both visually illustrate and verbally express a personal transformation.
Use a one-page newspaper or single-panel brochure format to present a personal narration of a transformation of your choice from a point in your childhood to today. discuss a career aspiration you had as a child, transition to the job you held as a teenager, and lastly, explain the profession you maintain today. Use connecting ideas to ensure you have a cohesive essay, which will ultimately (in the conclusion) explain what you learned from this transformation. For example, how and why did you go from point A (job 1) to point B (job 2) and then on to point C (job 3)? Or, you might consider illustrating a transformation based on a way of life or philosophy.

3.History of Photography

there are three videos and I need 1000 words response
briefly summarize the different kinds of photography that discussed in the videos :
– What stood out the most and why?
– What did you learn about the history of photography or the role of photography in our society?
– Can photography still effect change in the world?

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