Project Management

1- identify what you consider to be the greatest achievements accomplished by mankind in the last five decades. Now share your list with three to five other students in the class, and come up with an expanded list. Review these accomplishments in terms of the definition of a project. What does your review suggest about the importance of project management?

2- Explain the role projects play in the strategic management process
How are projects linked to the strategic plan?

3- Why does the priority system described in this chapter require that it be open and published? Does the process encourage bottom-up initiation of projects? Does it discourage some projects? Why?

4- You work for Barbata Electronics. Your R&D people believe they have come up with an affordable technology that will double the capacity of existing MP3 players and uses audio format that is superior to MP3. The project is code named KYSO (Knock Your Socks Off). What kind of project management structure would you recommend they use for the KYSO project? What information would you like to have to make this recommendation and why?

Answer the following:
1. What are the espoused values and beliefs of the companies?
2. Use the worksheet in Figure 3.6 to assess the Web page. What does the web page reveal about the culture of this organization? Would this culture be conducive to effective project management?

6- Go to an Internet search engine (e.g., Google) and type in “project communication plan.” Check three or four that have “.gov” as their source. How are they similar or dissimilar? What would be your conclusion concerning the importance of an internal communication plan?

7- Why are accurate estimates critical to effective project management?

8- Define what a “white elephant” is in project management? Provide a real life example.

9- How are WBS and project networks linked? Why bother creating a WBS? Why not go straight to a project network and forget the WBS?

10- Why is slack important to the project manager? What is the difference between free slack and total slack?

11- Project risks can/cannot be eliminated if the project is carefully planned. Explain.

12- What are the major differences between managing negative risks versus positive risks (opportunities)?

13- Throughout the past 7 weeks, you have been introduced to various topics regarding critical thinking and decision making. What topic was of most interest to you? Why?



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