Communication Theory – Media Analysis Research

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The topic is about: “Shut down Al Jazeera Channel”
Short brief what I want to write down: talk about the media coverage, give evidence for the wrong or bad news that al Jazeera channel have every day, and how the media in Qatar, UAE, and international source cover this topic in their way.

CSA Brief:
Write a media analysis research paper using the theoretical knowledge they gained from this class and applying it to a real media case/event. Students will choose an event, a problem or an issue that is receiving/has received major media coverage either locally or internationally. Students are encouraged to examine issues that have/had local, regional, and international media coverage.

Choose a communication theory and appropriate methodology of data collection that they believe applies particularly well to the issue. Students will use the theory to describe and explain why the issue is/was covered in a certain way based on scholarly data collection and predict/analyze the media coverage. Finally, students will evaluate the theory in terms of how well it works and give an assessment of its validity.

Write their media analysis papers focusing on at least one of the mass communication theories discussed in class. In some cases, more than one theory helps provide stronger analysis. In such cases, students can use a maximum of two theories only.

In their papers, students are expected to;
• Provide an introduction and thesis statement that clearly identifies the purpose of the research project (introduction w/thesis statement);
• Describe the media event/case they chose and provide a discussion of the landscape of scholarly research in this area (literature review) that result in one or more appropriate and comprehensive research questions that will guide the study.
• Explain the importance and relationship of at least one specific communication theory to the investigatory process of the research project (theoretical underpinning) and justify the method of data collection employed (methodology).
• Analyze the data collected and discuss the findings from the research (analysis/findings).
• Discuss the importance and impact of the data analysis and overall research project; obstacles and successes of the investigation; and point readers to the next steps in the contribution of the project to scholarship (discussion).
• Provide a conclusion that summarizes this research process and its findings, and moves the reader to action.

Use primary and secondary scholarly resources to support their research and should format the paper in APA Style.

Research Paper:
This research will focus on a specific issue that covered by media in a specific region that has a negative or bad effect on both regionally and internationally side. Issues are like bacteria it can’t be destroy all of them at the same time but it can minimize them over the time based on the way that deliver or cover the issue, that can be as vaccination but sometimes the coverage of the news for a certain issue either aggravate or compromise it. The most significant issue that have been faced starting from June/2017 in the mean region specifically in the GCC countries where the relationship has worsened with Qatar due to political problems and illegal work which lead to the conflict in the coverage of media where their official new “Al Jazeera” starts to publish news against to their neighboring countries. The main purpose of this research is to focus on the comparison and contrast to analyze the media coverage of this issue from all sides.
This research divided into several parts where it will be discussed the issue in details, data collection and analysis of both primary and secondary data, explain the importance and relationship of specific communication theory related to the issue, discuss the findings and finally summarizing the whole research.
Research Questions:
1- Why Aljazeera channel have been shut down in some of the mena region?
2- What are the steps followed by the countries that boycott Qatar to reach compromise?
3- What is the difference in the media coverage between Qatar media and neighboring countries media?
4- How Qatar and the other countries deal with issue?
5- How the international media intervened in this issue and who do they support

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