Construction Technology


Produce a technical report and on a concept design for a demolition and construction of a new university building. Explain why you have chosen your particular technique/s of building removal. Justify your choice of construction method and the materials/services you are utilising in both the new buildings and the Atrium. Brief reference to relevant legislation and regulations should also be included. Finally, illustrate and annotate your design solutions. You do not have to price this work as there are no financial restraints placed upon your proposals.
The structure of the report should be centred on the following themes and include: Introduction

What’s the report about
Existing building demolition

Demolition considerations will include:
Health and safety considerations (Briefly what is applicable?)
Techniques to be used for the demolition works and why. (Guide – maximum two A4
page of writing plus relevant illustrations/photographs to help support your choices.)
New Development

Façade retention technique/s to be employed on all buildings.
Your choice of:
Foundations (for the new structures) – consider ground conditions.
Structural frames. Internal floors and ceilings (consider the location of Services).
Extemal wall enclosure (type of cladding). Roof type/s.
Atrium roof structure.
Fire protection and escape routes – new buildings and atrium Identification of areas where the principles of Buildability can be employed
specifically to this site.
A critical review of the key points (advantages of your design).

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