Experimental Design

1. Indicate your hypothesis/hypotheses (2 points)

2. Indicate how you would measure your dependent variable(s). (2 points)
( For example: outcome lose weight)

3. Describe your independent variable (e.g., direct or indirect intervention. Think about how many message interventions you would do (e.g. would the parents talk to their kids 1 time or once a week for a month or….how long). How many people in each condition? (8 points)

4. Describe your control condition. What is your control condition? What will the parents/kids do in the control condition? (5 points)

5. Describe your manipulation check. How will you know if the parents did only the direct or only the indirect manipulation? How will you know if kids heard/noticed? (5 points)

6. Describe your sample. Where will you obtain these children? How will you get permission? How will you ensure parental participation? Make sure this is realistic and doable. If I can’t see how YOU personally could pull it off, you will lose points. (8 points).

7. What issues of external validity might be problematic with the first design and why? What issues of internal validity might be problematic with the design and why? (10 points).



Sample Solution

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