Roles of Executive Leaders

Select a large organization you are personally familiar with or that you are able to find reliable research on within any industry or sector you choose. You will use the same organization throughout the first seven assignments, so be sure to choose a company that you are interested in learning more about.
write a paper analyzing the roles of the executive leaders within that organization and be sure to address the following:
• Define the specific role each executive leader plays in the operations of the organization.
o Chief Executive Officer
o President and Chief Executive Officer
o Executive Vice President, Product Support
o Group Vice President – Vehicle Production Engineering
o Chief Competitiveness Officer
o Chief Financial Officer
o Group Vice President – General Counsel and Secretary
• Determine what each executive leader is ultimately responsible for.
• Identify the management functions (Planning, Leading, Organizing, Controlling) the executive leaders use most, and then identify which functions they use the least. Use these findings to explain how the role of each executive leader differs from those who are mid-level leaders in the organization.
Compare this organization to the findings of the research you have conducted regarding roles of executive leaders in organizations.



Sample Solution

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