Conflict Management

• This is a group assignment. Each group consists of 3-4 students. The group will give a PowerPoint presentation that discusses a particular aspect of conflict management. Group members will also write a three to four-page report on their topic. Finally, each group will submit a written report.
• This assignment will help students understand the negotiation process involved in conflict management. This assignment will also help students recognize appropriate times for using negotiation. Finally, it will help them strengthen their team work skills and ability to work effectively within a group.

• To help students identify the many aspects of the negotiation process
• To help students research theory underlying the negotiation process
• To help students understand key terms and concepts involved in negotiation
• To help recognize case studies utilizing the negotiation process

Instructional Media: Tools and Resources

• The instructor will use the following technology and media: the BlackBoard and PowerPoint. Also, using the BlackBoard, students will be able to access previous students’ work for use as models.
• The main resource will be the textbook by Corvette. Students will also be directed to online articles, reports, and different resources that will assist them in understanding the negotiation process.

The Topics

Your group will complete the assignment based on one of the textbook chapters listed below. Your group will be assigned to read, summarize, and evaluate any of the chapters as listed below. You should then become familiar with it as soon as possible and start researching it on e-brary, in journals, and on the internet.

Personality (chapter 2, no case study in chapter)
Conflict (chapter 3
Key Negotiating Temperaments (chapter 5)
Communicating in Negotiation (chapter 6)
Effects of Power in Negotiation (chapter 10)
Rules of Negotiation and Common Mistakes (chapter 13)
Negotiation Process and Preparation (chapter 14)
Alternative Styles, Strategies, and Techniques (chapter 15)
Team Negotiation (chapter 16)
Third Party Intervention (chapter 17)
Using Your Personal Negotiating Power (chapter 18)


Written Report

1. The report must use your own language and should specify the reference(s) from which the information is taken. If you cut and paste a sentence you must use quotation marks and write the author, year, and page number in brackets in the text after the quotation.

2. The report must:
• have a cover page
• use Times New Romans & font size: 12
• have a space of 2 between lines (double spaced)
• be 3-4 full pages of text in length (not including the reference list & cover page)
• start each paragraph with a topic sentence
• be written in the third person (do not use “I” or “my” or “our” or “we”)
• full sentences (and no bullet points)
• Reference pages in APA style format

3. The report must use the following headings:

NOTE: Personality (chapter 2) is used below to illustrate how to organize your report headings. Students must place their own topic in the headings.

States why assignment is important, a reference to justify assignment, outlines the body topics. Contains thesis statement. (R)
Conflict Management and Negotiation
Define what these terms mean and describe how they are related. (R)

The Importance of (name of your chapter) in Negotiation
Introduce your topics by defining the topics and justifying their importance in the field of negotiation. (R)

Key Terms and Concepts in (name of your chapter)
Explain the key terms, theories, and concepts in your topic. Underlying research for the topic must be mentioned here. (R)

Case Study involving (name of your chapter) in Negotiations
Provide a case study (from the back of your chapter) which clearly demonstrates the topic being used. This must be at least half a page. (R) You may use the case study at the end of your chapter and answer question 1

Restate the thesis statement, include a summary fo the key points from the body paragraphs, and say how these key points answer the assignment.

Include at least 3 references. The references can be from e-brary, books, newspapers, or the internet (but not lecture slides). You must cite the author and year in the text of the essay. Also, you must list the author, year, article or book title, and publisher under References at the end of the essay.

4. Examples of well written essays can be found on the BlackBoard under Student Samples in “Assignments”.

Required Content in the Report and Slides

The following piece of info must appear on the cover page and first slide in the PowerPoint.
• UNIV 1211: Professional Development and Competencies
• Instuctor: Sherry Santo Formolo
• Section XXX
• Names:
• IDs:
• Assignment 3: Conflict Management and your chapter(s) used

Notes about Scoring
• If a member of a group did not attend the class on the day of presentation, this person will receive a zero for the presentation part of this assignment.

Assessment Criteria

CRITERIA Assessment Rubric for Group Report SCORES
Introduction Contains a thesis statement, states why assignment is important, a reference to justify assignment, outlines the body topics (R) 1%
Conflict management and negotiation Define what these terms mean, describe how they are related (R) 2%
Importance in negotiation Introduce your topic by defining the topic and justifying its importance in the field of negotiation (R) 2%
Key terms and concepts Explain the key terms, theories, and concepts in your topic. (R) 5%
Case study Provide an assigned case study which clearly demonstrates the topic being used (R) 3%
Conclusion Restate the thesis statement, include a summary of the key points from the body paragraphs, s determine which one of the five negotiation styles you would be using. Refer to the negotiation style by its name and explain. Go to Bb/Content/ Assignment 3 folder to retrieve the Negotiation Style document in order to determine and explain your negotiation style specific to this case. 3%
Mechanics Punctuation and spelling and capitalization are correct, words are well chosen, writer uses own words, use of headings, topic sentences, third person, full sentences, no bullet points, follows guidelines 3%
References Contains at least 3 relevant references, references in text of report, correct referencing rules 1%

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