Write to the members of your community and other interested readers about the problem you are addressing.( please look up my proposal doc.) Give your readers a complete report on the background of the problem, relevant facts and statistics. What are the underlying causes? Who is affected? Who is in favor of the status quo? What do they stand to lose? What are the competing solutions or positions on the problem? Then, make a recommendation for how the community can best solve the problem. We’ll call this your Report & Recommendations. You will write a rough draft, workshop it with peer reviewers and your instructor, revise for an almost-final draft, and edit for a final draft. Your Report & Recommendations should use the standard features of academic writing: clear organization, a tightly focused main claim, reasoned arguments, excellent source summaries, documentation using MLA guidelines, well-edited prose, patterns of evidence to support claims, standard MLA formatting.

P.S.: When you use the source please Copy and paste the sentences from your source that you are integrating into your paper into another Word document. Then type your paraphrase or summary of that information that you plan to include in your paper. This will greatly help me grade your essays quicker and check for plagiarism.

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