Financial Benefits of Ocean Exploration vs. Space Exploration


I would like to research the scientific and political reasons behind the drastic differences in world budgets for ocean and space exploration. In 2014 the $24 million NOAA exploration budget paled in comparison to NASA’s 3.8 billion budget.
I will also be researching future plans and possible technologies for both facets of exploration, as well as human motivations for seeking other life forms before seeking to understand their home planet. I will incorporate those findings into a final paper arguing for greater financial investment in the exploration of our planet’s oceans as a priority over space exploration, and will seek to explain the opportunities for that investment in the future spectrum of exploration.

The argument for, at the very least, more funds being spent on the ocean, if not becoming closer or equal to the space budget, is vital to this paper.
USEFUL SOURCES TO INCLUDE (Please consider) (Earth, Sea and Stars Risk Symposium)
(Perspectives on the Future of Space Exploration) (Marine Derived Pharmaceuticals)

Decide what you want to write about, but your topic must be an argument in regard to an issue related to some aspect of culture.
Write a 7-10 page paper in which you research a given topic and incorporate your findings into your paper as support for your argument. What this means is that no matter what you choose to research, you must take a stance in regard to the given subject of the paper and develop a strong, argumentative thesis, attempting to persuade your reader. For example: if you were to choose to research images of violence toward women in advertising, you would need to find articles, websites, and books about that topic which discuss it in both a critical and expository fashion and then use the material derived from your sources to support your assertion that, for instance, images of
violence against women in advertising do not (or do) contribute to potentially negative views of women and actual violence against women.

The paper must be a well-reasoned argument in support of your position, so try to utilize the various strategies that we will go over in class and work out the logic of your argument before you begin writing. You should use examples for support and don’t forget to bring in personal experience if it is applicable. You will need to have at least five sources from books, magazines or newspapers, journals, and websites, but you must have at least one from each category. You will be citing according to MLA style and as such must have a works cited page and proper in text citation. In addition, you must cite at least once in your paper from each of your sources.

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