A Comparative Analysis of Nietzsche’s Beyond Good and Evil

1. In the first line of the reading Nietzsche said that he wanted slavery because slavery was essential to having an aristocracy. Why though did he want an aristocracy which includes beating down the weak?
2. At the end of section 257 Nietzsche described people as being beasts. How would that support his claim that we should be able to beat down the vulnerable?
3. At the end of section 258 Nietzsche used the example of the Javanese climbing plant to support his claim. Is Nietzsche assuming we’re just nothing more than everything else in nature and how would this plant support his claim then?
4. In section 259 Nietzsche described the very essence of life. Is he assuming that life itself is good? If so, should we then beat down people (make sure you’re representing his view on life, not yours.)



Sample Solution

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