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You are required to select an organisation from the industry context related to your previous work experience. This is essential as it will aid with the reflective section of the assessment portfolio. The proposed company would be approved by the module leader in order to make sure sufficient financial information is available to conduct analysis for the purpose of the module assessment.

1 Format
You must produce a portfolio which is appropriately presented and includes the following content. Tables, diagrams and headings are excluded from the word count, although you are advised that only a reasonable amount of text should be included within tables.

You may wish to organise the content into sections within a folder, but please remember that your assignment should be an integrated piece of work.

2 Portfolio Content
 Undertake an analysis of the strategic position of the selected organisation

Guide word count: 1,325 words

 As part of your analysis of the strategic position of the selected organisation you are required to:

 Obtain the latest financial accounts of your organisation
 Using ratio analysis, review the position and performance of the organisation over the last 5 years and explain how you calculated any figures that you have included in your answer
 Using an appropriate financial data base (eg FAME, AMADEUS) undertake a peer analysis of your major competitors
 Using your analysis critically evaluate the strategic position of the organization

Guide word count: 900 words

 Using your analysis of the strategic position of the selected organisation

 Identify and evaluate the strategic options available to your chosen organisation
 Select and justify what you consider to be the preferred strategic option

Guide word count: 1,325 words

 As part of your group, using different strategy perspectives (strategy lenses, or strategy schools, or Images of Strategy)

 Demonstrate the dominate perspective in the strategy approach used by your organisation in either making strategy or implementing strategy across the organisation
 Explain what insight one other perspective/lens could offer.

Guide timelimit: 15 minutes on 21th March 2018

 Critically reflect on your own learning in this module, evaluating how the theories and concepts influence your role as a leader and manager and exploring the potential impact on your organisation. As a result, please identify any effects on your personal and professional development, citing actions which you now need to take and any potential barriers.

Guide word count: 500 words

Suggested Reading

The core text for this module is:

Johnson G, Whittington R, Scholes K, Angwin D and Regner P (2017) Exploring strategy, 11th Edition, Pearson Education Limited

Other reading is also suggested. All the reading material is available in the Learning Centre (Adsetts) either in physical form or via electronic versions.

There is a wide range of material available within the field of Strategic Management, far more than you could be expected to read. In this module, we are trying to provide you with a framework from which to explore the strategy subject area. Your understanding of this will benefit greatly from reading about alternative approaches and different views on the issues covered in this module, and the reading list below gives you a start on that.

Reading List

Broadbent M & Cullen J (1993): Managing Financial Resources, 3rd Edition, Butterworth Heinemann: London

Campbell D, Edgar D & Stonehouse G (2011): Business Strategy: An Introduction, 3rd Edition, Palgrave Macmillan

David F R (2013): Strategic Management: Concepts and Cases, 14th Edition, Pearson Education Limited

De Wit B & Meyer R (2014): Strategy: an international perspective, 5th edition, Cengage

Grant R M (2013): Contemporary Strategy Analysis, 8th Edition, John Wiley & Sons Ltd

Haberberg A & Rieple A (2008): Strategic Management: Theory and Application, Oxford University Press

Johnson G & Scholes K (2001): Exploring Public Sector Strategy, Prentice Hall

Lynch R L (2012): Strategic Management, 6th Edition, Prentice Hall

Thompson J & Martin F (2010): Strategic Management: Awareness & Change, 6th Edition, South Western Cengage Learning

Another useful resource is the Chartered Management Institute’s web site http://www.managers.org.uk/

You should also make use of a range of other reading material including Journals such as:

• Business Strategy Review
• Harvard Business Review
• European Management Journal
• Journal of Business Strategy
• Long Range Planning Journal (Strategic Planning Society)
• Management Today
• Strategy + Business Magazine
• Strategy Magazine (Strategic Planning Society)
• Strategic Management Journal

These all contain useful and accessible material and most are available via the Adsetts Centre. You should also pay attention to newspapers such as The Times, The Financial Times and The Guardian that have a regular supply of excellent articles on strategic issues.

We recommend that you make use of the databases available through the Learning Centre for additional materials, e.g. Retail Analysis, MarketLine Advantage, Passport, Emerald and Business Source Premier.

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