Decision making in mate choice

Write a essay about decision making in mate choice.
Please see the basic idea and the study design in the attached slides (the slides are very important and helpful, feel free to use any information in them). I will attach some articles which have some connections with this topic (you would need to mention the article “Selective Hypothesis testing”. there are also some articles mentions in the slides). The literature review is definitely important for this assignment. Please feel free to cite any other articles which you think are helpful for this project. Also, please let me know immediately if you have any question about the idea and the design of the study. Thank you! Here is an instruction about writing the proposal: You are to write a research proposal of 12 type-written pages, double-spaced. Fonts should be set at 12-point. Required sections of the proposal The proposal must contain the following sections: Abstract – Introduction – Methods – Predicted Results. • Abstract: One paragraph that briefly describes the area of interest and the research question that will be addressed in the proposal. Put the abstract on a separate page. • Introduction: This section should describe the research area and findings from previous studies. Write in a goal-directed manner. By this I mean you will eventually be proposing some experiment in your proposal. Therefore, the literature review should be designed so that it discusses an issue or question that needs to be addressed in that area and provides a rationale for your proposed study. Moreover, you should structure your Introduction so that the motivation for your proposal becomes clear. To achieve that you should begin with a relatively big issue (e.g., a related example from daily life) and then focus down to the specific issue you are interested in, highlighting the aspects of previous research (e.g. some methodological flaw in previous approaches) that your proposal is meant to address. By the end of the Introduction the reader should have a very good idea of what the central issue of your proposal will be. Your Introduction should reference at least four research articles. • Method: Now you are actually talking about what you are proposing. Again, be sure that this follows naturally from the Introduction in which you should have set up and highlighted some critical issue that needs to be resolved. What you should do now is to tell the reader how you would resolve this issue. The Method section should describe the proposed method for the experiment, including who the participants will be (ages and where they will be recruited from), what equipment will be used, and the procedure that will be followed. You should specify the variables (independent and dependent) that will be used in the experiment. You do not have to format this section with separate subject, apparatus and procedure sections, but having that in mind can help to guide your thinking and writing. A clearly structured Method section is very important. • Predicted Results: This section should describe the results you expect from your proposed experiment. Please note: You should use the future tense. Do not create fake data and write the paper in past tense as if the experiment has already been conducted. Also, you may want to think about alternatives. That is, what if the results would turn out differently? Would there be any alternative interpretations?

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