Global Industry Analysis


Group Strategy Assignment 1. industry to analyze for your Group Strategy Project: IT industry 2. real multinational company from this industry: IBM 3. Four prospective countries and your client’s home country: South Korea, Saudi Arabia , China , India 4. I am Responsible for question #2: II. Description of the growth and profit potential of your client’s industry. A. The home country structure and environment of the selected industry. B. The global structure and environment of the selected industry. A. Project Overview The Group Strategy Project of this seminar involves writing a proposal for a foreign direct investment by a major real company into a foreign country. This Week 5 Assignment is designed to provide the global industry comparative analysis that will support your decision as to which industry (Week 5) / country (Week 6) / firm (Week 7) in which to make the foreign direct investment. Thus Week 5 focuses on industry choice and a preliminary country choice. In Weeks 6 and 7 you will continue your research and analysis by performing a more detailed country choice and in Week 7, a partner firm choice.

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