Crisis Leadership

Write 2 page paper using provided references below. Assignment Instructions 1. In your own words, what are the major factors in crisis leadership. 2. Describe some key models of training. What do you think is most effective. Hall, R. D., & Rowland, C. A. (2016). Leadership development for managers in turbulent times. The Journal of Management Development, 35(8), 942-955. Prewitt, J. E., & Weil, R. (2014). Organizational opportunities endemic in crisis leadership. Journal of Management Policy and Practice, 15(2), 72, 87 Waller, M.J., Lei, z., & Pratten, R. (2014). Focusing on Teams in Crisis Management Education: Integration and Simulation-Based Approach. Academy of Management Learning & Education, 13(2), 208-221

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