Work place diversity(please see attachment)

Problem Statement
The tech industry emphasizes diversity and inclusion and while companies appear to be advocates for inclusiveness research shows this is not having an impact on the actual workforce. While it might appear as though companies are practicing diversity, research shows otherwise. The data does not support a heightened understanding of the issue but instead suggests only a mild increase in awareness. According to “Black and Latinx tech workers combined make up just 5% of the tech workforce, according to the study, and women only 24%.” This issue is perpetuated by the low expectations for inclusion in the tech industry. Which such contrasting data, why is this minority population so severely underrepresented when companies are espousing inclusiveness and awareness of diversity gaps.

1. At what point should a company start focusing on the minority diversity?
2. what factors moderate the diversity-performance relationship.
3. How is tech industry making progress on diversity?

PLEASE use the resource that I can easy find, and please use data or example to prove the above problems. Each of those problems should be written separately

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