Management of Health Sciences Services Project Instructions and Rubric

Your organization does not have to be a health sciences organization, but that is preferred. The organization selected should be one that is unique and has achieved distinction in some way or has been recognized for their managerial practices. The organization may be large or small; for profit, not-for-profit, or public. It could be a fairly new startup or a long-established company, but there must be enough information available about the organization to provide data for a thorough report.
The project should be thought of as a case study of the organization’s management plans, strategies, accomplishments, etc., and how and why they have succeeded as a result of management. This is not a comprehensive report about the entire workings of the organization (e.g., marketing, finance, production), nor a report on its products. The emphasis is to be on the organization’s management. Be sure to tie your paper to management theory through the use of scholarly resources.


Sample Solution

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