The research question is:

Project Title 2: The Determinants of Socioeconomic Inequalities in Health
Brief description:
• Does your wealth predict your health? You will attempt to address this question with a systematic literature review on the determinants of health and socioeconomic inequalities in life expectancy.
• You will make a critical synthesis of the existing evidence and methods to measure socioeconomic inequalities in health.
• You will critically evaluate the numerous policies that have tried to address this issue and discuss the reasons for their failure or success.

Recommended Reading: To be discussed with the supervisor
Type of research project: Systematic Literature Review
Ethical approval required: No
If yes, does it require NHS ethics: No
Recommend skills or disciplines:
• HRM001 Introduction to Research Methods
• HRM002 Foundations in Research Methods and Data Analysis
• University Library workshop – Advanced Literature Searching
Number of students for this project idea: 1
Supervisory team: N/A

Some sources:

some feedback from supervisor on research question:
I suggest to make a quick search to have a feel for how many articles (published in peer review journals) you can obtain under your research question. I suggest to read some of these articles (even if not published in peer review journals) to get familiar with the topic and possibly refine your research question if appropriate. You will also have to get familiar with the concept of quality of health care. I find google scholar or PubMed a good starting point for a first search.
If you find too many articles, you can refine your research question focusing on something more specific, e.g. specific type of care for specific health conditions. You can also restrict your search to: articles published in the last 10 or five years, quantitative research only, articles focusing on a single country e.g. US or UK.
You can repeat the process above adding/excluding search restrictions until you are satisfied with the outcomes.
Remember that your search restrictions cannot be arbitrary and you will have to explain their rationale in the dissertation. Their rationale should be consistent with the aims/objectives of your research. You can find detailed guidance on how to conduct a systematic literature review in the materials attached to my previous email.

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