WK3 Discussion – News Article


WK3 Discussion – News Article
To grow a better understanding of how legislation news is reported by different media outlets.
Review either a national or local media source and select a story related to a proposed or current legislation. The selection should be either one that constitutes good and fair reporting or one that constitutes bad and unfair reporting. Write a reflection and include the following:
Publication date, author (if applicable) and media source. If you have a link to the article, make sure to provide it so your peers can access the original source.
Discussion of main points of the article or news media report.
Indicate whether you think the article or media report was good and fair or not. Explain why.
Based on the reporting: how do you think the general audience perceived the reporting of the article and news media?
As a social worker, why is this article or news media, and the way it is being reported, important?
Based on the news media report or article, should there be an intervention from social workers?
Identify how Hispanic families and children and other vulnerable populations be affected by the legislation or proposal being reported.
After reading your peers argument, respond by taking a stand. Make sure to state whether you agree with your peer or not, and the reasons behind it. Make sure to provide clear and concise arguments and incorporate class content.

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