Survey Construction Writing Assignment

Your instructor has developed a survey for the class to try to help determine the effectiveness of the class to this point- The problem is, your
instructor has not developed a survey in quite some time and the survey items are in need of some repair. Please identify the problem with each of
the following survey questions and explain why the wording or the use of this problem will make interpreting the results of the survey difficult- Then
rewrite each survey question so that the problem in question is avoided-
1- Do you feel that the class should not include quizzes?
2- Do you complete discussion on time? How about readings? How about the assignments?
3- Do you think students would fail the class if they do not submit their assignments?
4- Would employing a Z-score grading scale more accurately reflect student performance relative to their peers?
5- Should more time be provided for quizzes and discussion?


Sample Solution

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