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This is systematic review paper ( qualitative). it is 12 thousands words. you need to follow JBI protocols for writing the whole paper. I have put file explain about the topic and instruction of the topic only. you need to be familiar of JBI protocol for data synthesis, data extraction and so on that is found in JBI protocols and the rest is highlighted in the paper. I need each section finished to be forwarded to me before jumping to the next one. so we can follow the progress and highlight for changes in early stages

It is 12 thousands word and it is structured around this following below. Also, I will provide you with an example paper and you need to follow the same format structure and heading. The file name is
Background to SSI( surgical site infection)
• What is SSI?
• Scope and scale of SSI? Prevalence, incidence, causes, consequences, difference in terms of type of surgery
• Cost of SSI
• QI initiatives around SSI (why is this important for QI? – how is it relevant for QI?)
• What do we know about their impact on patients?
• Why is it important to do this review?
• How do patients experience an SSI?
• What does it mean to them?
• How do they cope with having an SSI?
• How does an SSI affect their recovery?
• What information and support do patients with an SSI need?
• Patients
• Experience, views, quality of life, recovery, coping
The mnemonics PICO Framework: this for forming the question.
• Population – adults with SSI
• Phenomenon of interest – experience of SSI
• Context – any clinical area, any kind of surgery, any country (this could be modified)
• JBI – meta aggregation (read chapter 1 and 2)
• JBI critical appraisal tool
• JBI data extraction tool



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