Art therapy can increase self-esteem and decrease shame


Art therapy can increase self-esteem and decrease shame in female college students who are victims of recent sexual assault.
Please, refer to the outline with the references listed to choose from to write an ANNOTATED style Literature Review. You may reference new sources if you find better ones than provided. For this assignment, I only need a literature review for the three headers: 1) Group Therapy, 2) Cognitive Therapy, 3) Art Therapy and its Compatibility with Common Treatment Models. I need at least 4 sources cited, summarized, compared and contrasted with a critique at the end from each header. 1 Paragraph each summary of the article that includes: the goals, method(s) used, qualitative or quantitative design, participants, results, and conclusions. For case reports and chapters in books, summarize the salient points of the article/chapter. 1 Paragraph compare and contrast the articles in the section. And then critique only needs to be 2-3 sentences that support how the articles support my point/topic and identify strengths and most importantly, limitations or flaws of the article. *I will attach my last annotated review as an example.

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