Chain Management

Assume you are the supervisor of a product development team that designs cell phone applications for your company’s newest cell phone. Unfortunately, this model has not been performing well in the market and your company has decided to discontinue production.
Your team is being asked to discontinue their current operations and move to the design and development of applications for a new smart phone. This will require new skills and experience that some of your team members do not possess. In addition, management has asked for a shortened timeline meaning your team will have to put in considerable overtime hours.
You are to develop a change management plan for leading your team through these changes, including reorganization.

Download and review the Change Management Plan template. Analyze the case information and fill in the template.
Write a detailed change management plan covering the following:
Identify two reorganizational changes and their impact on the team. Offer suggestions and strategies for managing the change including: Two ways to communicate the reorganization plans with the team Two ways to gain buy-in from the team Two ways to deal with resistance from the team Two ways you will lead and motivate your team through the change Identify two specific ways you will inform your supervisor of plans and progress. Identify five action items required in order to implement the change. Identify seven potential risks along with a plan of the action to take if a risk occurs. Explain your solutions.



Sample Solution

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