American history

Prior to the Great Depression, African-Americans were part of the Republican party. Explain what it took to less then 4% of African-American could vote to the election of the first African-American President. Please start with the transition of African-Americans from the Republican party to the Democratic party. Please explain how the Civil Rights movement started, gathered steam, and force changes to elect the first African-American President. Don’t answer the questions individually. Give me a narrative from the Great Depression until the election of President Obama due to the Civil Rights movement that allowed this to happen. From 1945 to present what events allowed the opportunity for the first female to become the candidate for the Democratic party in 2016? Please explain how women left for work in 1942 and go back to the kitchen until women rights allowed a woman to run for president.
How did United States become the only world super power in 1992? Explain how the U.S. from 1945 to 1992 the “Red Scare” the created “them or us” that led to the collapse of the Soviet Union. Extra credit: Explain how the South switched from being controlled by the Democratics to be flipped as a solid Republican strong hold from 1950 until 2010.




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