Mind-Body connection in chronic illness

-In a four-page expository essay, you will explore the mind–body connection in chronic illness. In your paper, you will address the following issues:
Start with an explanation of how the mind and body interact in a chronic illness. -Use the principles of health psychology discussed to date in the course and analyze how these principles would apply to a chronic illness. Be sure to include a discussion of the relationship between psychological factors and wellness, along with all factors of the mind body connection.

– Illustrate this connection with at least three specific examples. -Continue to incorporate these principles as you address the following questions:

-What impact does chronic illness have on an individual and their families?

-explain at least two reasons why addiction is considered a chronic illness.

-How do you preserve relationships during and after treatment of a substance use disorder? Include at least two ways. Take into account the perspective of addiction as a chronic illness as you answer this question.

-Describe the long-term treatment process for the individual with a substance use disorder. What are the support systems needed to remain in active recovery?

In closing, discuss how you will use the concepts in this paper in your personal and professional life.








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