Expense and allocation categories; and preparing budget proposals/outlines

1. Our Executive Director used a contractor to help prepare materials for the annual Board meeting. Which expense account would you allocate this invoice to? Why?

a. Hosted meetings
b. Printed materials
c. Program consultant

2. XYZ company uses a mail processing firm to collect and open our mail and deposit our contributions. What functional area would you allocate these costs to? Why?

a. Program services
b. Management and administration
c. Fundraising

3. A videographer submitted an invoice for a day of shooting that includes 7 mini-shoots at $500/shoot, 7.5 hours of directing hours at $175/hour, 31 hours of editing at $175/hour, a permit for $390, printing of $226.10, music track of $75, travel expenses of $111.30. Why?

a. How much do you allocate to Media Production – Fees:
b. How much do you allocate to Media Production – Expenses:

4. A partner organization submitted the following for payment after supporting XYZ company national event. How would you split this payment between the following? Please include your total for each category and the itemized expenses you’re including in each.

a. ADA Services:
b. Event Management:
c. Miscellaneous:
d. Security:
e. Tents, Tables, Chairs:
f. Travel and Accommodations for Guests/Volunteers:
g. Walkie Talkies:
h. Water:
i. Other (please describe):

XYZ company has set an organizational priority of blocking the appointment of a candidate. XYZ company Development Team has approached a number of major donors and foundations about the work we look to do, and has been invited by a major foundation to submit a $50,000 proposal to fight a candidate’s appointment.

You need to create the total project budget to submit with the proposal, as well as the $50,000 budget for the funder. Please create a draft budget outline with the expense categories for this project, and write an email to the campaign, development, and operations team with your follow-up questions.

Here is some information from the proposal staff created to pitch the type of work that we might do to major donors:

An investment of $25,000 enables XYZ company to
? drive thousands of calls to key senators through email, social media, and texting outreach, dialing up the volume around the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing and the final floor vote;
? organize with Senate champions using videos, petitions, and events to lift up their leadership to mobilize grassroots support; and
? produce up to two educational and advocacy videos highlighting a diverse set of voices and garnering millions of views, and then put funding behind the best-performing content to expand its reach.

An investment of $100,000 enables XYZ company to
? take out print ads in local newspapers in key states highlighting progressive leaders’ and local constituents’ support for stopping a nomination;
? develop rapid-response PPP polls to show senators how their constituents want them to stop the; and
? hone in on 2-4 Democratic senators with creative, breaththrough, state-specific actions. We’ll work with partner organizations to find the right members and find the tactics that will speak to their home state dynamics and their reasoning for possibly opposing Kavenaugh. Some potential examples:
? Bring back a version of the “Schumermobile,” a digital billboard traveling around New York City that calls on Senators to vote against Kavenaugh.
? Organize a sign-on letter or petition in California and record a Facebook Live with two activists delivering the letter to Senators Feinstein and Harris.
? Hold empty-chair town halls in Vermont with constituents raising concerns about Kavenaugh and calling on Sens. Leahy and Sanders to lead.

An investment of $250,000 enables XYZ company to
? procure cable advertising space as well as expanded digital ads in all target states;
? drive state-specific tactics in an expanded list of states where Democratic senators have not taken a stance on Kavenaugh;
? hold multiple rallies in D.C. around key events, such as the committee hearing and the final floor vote; and
? partner with a research firm to identify and elevate Kavenaugh’s ruling and writings as an additional tactic to convince swing senators to change their previous vote.




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