Mediation Essays

Assume that the owner of the piano (party “OP” for reference) had bought the piano 20 years prior to the first claim payout. Also, let us assume that the piano is 80 years old. If it were to go to an appraiser, the piano could fetch at auction $25,000-$30,000. Lastly, let us also assume the conflict to be mediated was for asset division between party “OP” and his partner of 25 years; all other assets have been divided. The only item left to resolve is the piano, which party “OP” would like to keep for it as it has sentimental value. For this discussion, you are assign the following mediation style:

How does your assigned mediation style best fit this dynamic?

Explain how the subject matter is defined through your form of mediation.

Outline the post-relationship dynamic of the disputants based upon your form of mediation. Is your style of mediation more suited to explore post-relationship dynamics between party “OP” and his partner?

Briefly explain why the other two forms of mediation would not be as effective to resolve this dispute.

























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