Motivation and Productivity

Write only the Introduction (half page), conclusion(half page) and 2 pages of one of the subtopics called Motivation and Productivity. The other subtopics should be just referenced in the introduction and conclusion – those subtopics are Ethical Management, Disciplinary, Communication. Must use at least 4 references by integrating, synthesizing and evaluating the best of classical and contemporary writers’ thoughts with your own thoughts (please ensure to provide a list for used references) Search for counter-evidence/ contrary opinion too and include opportunities for further research. The introduction must preview the subtopics as well as relevant areas you are not going to include. There should be no less than 2, nor greater than 5 subtopics. Think of subtopics as main points you want to get across to the reader and then write everything to support it. At least 3 references must include the following management authors -Peter Drucker, Warren Tennis, Ethan Rasiel, Peter Block, Meg Wheatley, Charles Handy, Russell Ackoff, Peter Senge, Edgar Schein, Ken Blanchard, Mark Sanborn, Robert Kriegel, and Jim Collins.



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