1. For the year 2004 or later, research and identify a major (Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale category 3 or above) hurricane that made landfall in the United States. After identifying a storm, use the National Hurricane Center’s data archive website, to review the report for this storm in the Tropical Cyclone Reports section, and to review data and graphics for this storm in the Tropical Cyclone Advisory Archive section.
After doing some research, construct an engaging 3-paragraph essay on this storm that addresses the following:
1: Summarize the storm track and its impacts (graphics or photo needed here).

2: Relate your summary in paragraph 1 to what you teamed from your research about the various aspects of hurricanes.
Give your take” on the relevance and importance of your discussion in paragraphs 1 and 2 from your own perspective – personal points of view.



























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