Trends of the Gulf

‏The past , present , and the future trends of the Gulf by interlinking national , regional , and international developments ( multi-level analysis ) regarding an economic or security issue relevant to the region .

Structure of Essay
current event and issue of priority or urgency are common effect security, politically, diplomatically, foreign policy, security in the Gulf.
You have to do multi analysis by linking the past and historical with present and future, so you have to cover some historical concepts when you start the Essay.
You can approach the topic from natural prospects which depend on the topic you chosen, and you can do compare analysis if you write about two countries.
Conceptual Framework and you make sure that you cover what is your focus and cover some introduction subject.
Empirical Research and cover what happened currently in the body and you can apply IR theory .
Conclusion is Future Predictions or Policy Recommendations.































Sample Solution

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