Leadership Development Plan

Leaders develop through a process of self-awareness, goal-setting, and practice. These are activities that, when mindfully applied, will benefit you throughout your career. In this project, you will develop and execute a personal leadership development plan that will help you focus on developing specific leadership skills.lnstructions: After reflecting on your leadership capabilities and where you would like to improve, choose a leadership skill that you will commit to improving this semester

Evaluate your current leadership capabilities. Where in your life have you demonstrated leadership? Draw upon both formal and informal leadership experiences you have had at school, work, and/or in your personal life to help you make your points. Based on your experiences, the feedback you’ve received, and/or your own perceptions, what are your leadership strengths and weaknesses? (approximately % to 1 page) Identify one leadership skill that you will work on improving this semester. See page 2 for a selection of common leadership skills that students in prior semesters have chosen. Explain the reason for your choice and why developing this skill will benefit you as a leader. Connect your discussion to your own professional or personal goals. Choose a skill that you can actually practice this semester, e.g., don’t choose conflict management if you are not currently experiencing conflict with anyone




























Sample Solution

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