Choose from topic

Complete both Topic 1 and 2. Within Topic 1 you will only need to choose 1 of the movements to discuss. You only need to create 1 post with both topics

Topic 1.

Research and discuss one of the following social movements. What are the basic tenets of the movements? What are the Pros and Con’s? How would the successful completion of the movement alter our social structure? And finally, what is your opinion of the movement. Please provide legitimate information concerning the movements rather than an opinion essay. You can provide
your opinion of the movement at the end but you will need to utilize sources of information that correctly describe the idea.

Choose 1 of the following.

Fair Tax

School Vouchers

Gun Control/Ownership

Topic 2.

Population Control: Read the article “The Boiling Frog Theory” and provide a response to the author’s message concerning the relationship between food availability and population growth



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