Ethical leadership/program development

In this task, you will assume the role of a leader who must decide what leadership power you will use to develop a strong organizational ethical climate. In your position as a leader, you will need to satisfy the concerns of stakeholders, understand the organization’s ethical standing, examine a code of ethics, and develop a training program. Scenario: You are a business manager or administrator of Paradigm Toys, a publicly held company. The board of directors has asked you to conduct an ethics audit of Paradigm Toys, a fictitious company that is a retailer and manufacturer of children’s toys, and report to the board the need for ethics training. please complete section A,B,C,and D. Section A 1. Primary (ex. employees) and secondary (e.x Community) stakeholder, identify 2 of each 2. CSR- related stakeholder needs, two ways that board of direction can meet the social responsible related needs ( cover all for types from Al) Section B 1. Explain why it is important for an organization to develop an ethical culture. a. Discuss the role that Paradigm’s leadership can play in fostering an ethical culture. 2. Explain what an ethics audit is. a. Discuss the value that an ethics audit could bring to Paradigm Toys. Section c 1. Identify and analyze dilemma, what is it, you choose it in business setting 2. Evaluate two potential solutions, two ways to resolve that dilemma 3. Explain which solution from part C2 you would recommend and why that solution would be the more ethical choice. Section D Identify three key components that you would include in the content of your training program.
a. Explain why you would include the three components from part D1 in your training program. 2. Recommend a delivery method that you believe would be most effective for the training program. a. Justify your recommendation.








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