Evaluating for Impact

Question 1 (1 page) –
Alfred lists some strategies he believe are essential for success. Pick on and describe it in detail as it relates to higher education. Why is it essential for implementation and come up with an example of how it would look in practice. What is important to remember when implementing this strategy?

Question 2 (1 page) – C
Take table 10.1 and just as Alfred explains how a cost-based strategy impacts each group, describe how a community college with a work force/skill-based strategy would effect each group. Be detailed and use examples in your response.

Question 3 (1 page) –
Alfred highlights three categories, and several examples of each, that give context as to why strategy implementation fails. Select which one you believe more likely causes the most failure in implementation and explain what step(s) in Figure 9 attributes to the failure








Sample Solution

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