Management capacity.

You are currently working for a corporation called Sunny California in a management capacity.
Your employer has decided to move out of California to reduce cost in the areas of managing daily operations. The city you select should be less expensive in three areas:
Labor cost Storage Cost Lower corporate taxes You have been asked to provide suggestions and submit names of (3) US cities from Continental USA (exclude Alaska and Hawaii) outside of California.
You have a family with two kids, ages 9 and 11. After discussing this matter with your spouse, you have decided to submit names based on the following assumptions and criteria:
Your spouse is either working or seeking to find a job, you will consider a city that will have employment opportunities for your spouse too. Factors those are important for your children’s well-being with decent entertainment in a vicinity of your suggested city. Your family will enjoy moving to the new city because of its diverse population, a variety of malls and shopping places. The proposed city will ideally have a population of 100, 000 people or more but less than 1 million. Your base pay will not change. Your family would like to buy a home in the new city. Your new home should be within 10 miles of your new employer location. Volume of traffic should be low compared to your current location of employment. Submit your suggestions, meeting following guidelines:
Provide a logical explanation, names you have submitted. Use references, peer reviewed using MS Word citation and bibliography tools. Using font size not to exceed size 12, double spaced with 1″ of margins all four corners. Length of the paper should a minimum of 3 pages. Title page should include your full name, course number, date of submission and name of your instructor Dr. Kamal lnamdar Start with a brief introduction, a discussion. and a conclusion. Your suggestions should be strur••• Online – Contact support
Describe your suggestions in full details. do not use bullets.




























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