Health Promotion: Global Principles and Practice

Read before you begin: You will find the marking criteria checklist below. All based off of Public Health only. You would need a book named Health Promotion: Global Principles and Practice (Modular Texts) 1st Edition, Kindle Edition by Rachael Dixey — book needs to be referenced throughout this. This is research based and needs to be cited as Harvard style. You can use sources that can be found on Google scholar. I need to be able to view it so I can cross-reference.

Please note since it is a reflective essay, you must demonstrate what you learned which are the following concepts, and you can find that on that book that I have mentioned above – 2000 word critical reflection.

1) Concepts of health, the origins of health promotion. Key concepts and principles.
2) Exploring personal and professional values in public health/health promotion.
3) Empowerment – transformational education and learning.
4) Determinants of health. Health inequalities. Thinking sociologically – the contribution of sociology to health promotion.
5) What role does psychology play in promoting and improving health?
6) The role of policy and politics in health promotion.
7) The global context for health. Globalization, ideologies, and sustainability.
8) Ethics in health promotion and public health.
9) Approaches to health promotion. Assessment support.
10) Models of health promotion.
11) Settings approaches to health promotion.
12) Revisiting key concepts. Reflections: Theory into practice. Module evaluation.

































Sample Solution

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