Gender Pay-Gap

For this milestone, you will submit a draft of your Application of Sociological Theories and Concepts, addressing critical element II of capstone component 1 (white paper) in the Final Project Guidelines and Rubric document. You will use the workplace scenario selected in Milestone One and address the following: Use a sociological perspective to explain the presence of the problem in the scenario you selected and some of the major organizational factors that could have contributed to the problem—this should be done at both the micro and macro level. Use at least one specific sociological theory and several related concepts to provide a more in-depth discussion of your sociological view of why the problem occurred. Explain how (1) and (2) involve different social structures and the social construction of reality of the different stakeholders. Also, explain how different cultural perspectives could have been involved. This milestone and all other milestones related to the white paper should be specifically written for the CEO and board of directors of the company in your scenario (the company may be fictitious), as that is the audience for your white paper.



Sample Solution

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