How cultures caused or resolved conflicts between the Jews vs Babylonians

Choose one of the following topics and discuss how cultures caused or resolved their conflicts Jews vs Babylonians

@ 600 — 500 BCE Egyptians vs Hittites @ 1274 —1259 BCE Romans vs Carthaginians @ 264 -146 BCE Greeks vs Persians — 490 — 442 BCE Huns vs Romans @ 420-460 CE Akhenaten vs Egyptian Religious establishment @ 1353 —1336 BCE) Roman mos maiorum vs. Pan-hellenism (ideologies during Roman imperial period) @ 100 BCE — 300 CE Trojans vs Greeks @ 1260 —1240 BCE Achaeans (Mycenaeans) vs Minoans @ 1500-1300 BCE Athens vs Sparta @ 431 — 404 BCE Marius vs Sulla (1st Roman Civil War) 88-82 BCE Any conflict between cultures prior to 500 CE (with teacher approval)
; do not include pure opinion. Outline the basic history of the event(s). You can use a timeline or write it out.

How do the culture’s values relate to the conflict? How do the cultures beliefs relate to values?

How did ways of communication and identity relate to the conflict?

What were the basic causes of the conflict? Was the conflict resolved, if so how?

If no, why not? In what ways, directly or indirectly, did these conflicts influence ideas, values and beliefs in contemporary America?





































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