Giovanni Boccaccio – The Decameron

Answer the questions relating to the article Giovanni Boccaccio – The Decameron


  1. What is the main idea Boccaccio is trying to communicate in this excerpt from

The Decameron? How does he describe the reactions of the citizens of Florence?

  1. What is the author’s bias? What might have motivated Boccaccio to describe the Black

Death’s impact in Florence?


  1. What was the context in which Boccaccio was writing? Where and when was this

Document written, and what was going on at that time (beside the plague epidemic)?



  1. Who was the intended audience for The Decameron?


  1. Can you connect The Decameron to other things you’ve learned about, either in class?

Or elsewhere? How might this source add to our understanding of history?





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