Realism and lchiyo

For this discussion, you should respond to no fewer than two of the following prompts. You must post at least one original discussion of no fewer than 150 words, and you must respond in no fewer than 75 words to at least one other student’s post.

1.What is the importance of hopes and dreams in “Separate Ways”? Specifically, a kimono is discussed, a kimono that Kichizo will never be able to afford and that Okyo will never be able to make for him. What does the kimono tell us about hope and self- delusion in the story?

2.Kichizo is pained by losing the people he most cares about. What examples of impermanence do you see in “Separate Ways”? Does anything of permanence exist in the story?

3.To what degree is Kichizo’s and Okyo’s relationship based on benevolent kindness, and to what degree is it based on self-interest?

4.When Kichizo lists the people he has cared for and lost, all the people he lists are women. Examine how gender functions in “Separate Ways,” and explain what gender might mean to Kichizo.





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