Limitation in the Refurbishment Buildings for Sustainable development

• Why to conduct this research (3-4 sentences)
• How you did it (2-3 sentences)
• What are the key findings (4-5 sentences)
• Implications of your research (2-3 sentences)

• Why choose this research – identify research subjects
• What have / haven’t been done in the area (briefly) – knowledge gap
• Research aim and objectives
• Structure of the dissertation

• Identify the key concepts of your research
• What have / haven’t been done in the area (detailed)
• Where is the knowledge gap

• Case study (3 cases)
• Details of your research process

• Present the data collected: table, diagram
• What does the data mean in the context of your research
• Link back to the existing literature to understand the data

• Why you chose this research
• How you did it
• Your conclusions / recommendations
• Your contribution to knowledge
• Limitation of the research / Further research

• 60-120 references are expected, mainly from academic sources
• Only Harvard reference format

Sample Solution

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