Where to Invade Next by Michael Moore.

View the movie Where to Invade Next by Michael Moore. select one of the issues discussed in the film and compare and contrast how the issue is handled in the country in the documentary and

how that same issue is dealt with in the United States. You will also reflect upon our ability to enact change on these issues in the United States. cover the following four points:
1.What emotions did watching your topic in the film spark for you? What surprised or shocked you? Why do you think you had this reaction? 2.What did you find were the most significant

similarities and differences between how your issue is handled in the country covered in the documentary and how that issue is handled in the United States? Please be specific. 3.America

handles the issue you chose in an exceptionally different way than the country featured does. What have you learned about the myriad facets of American exceptionalism throughout the semester

that might inform why we tackle the problem the way that we do. Please discuss the differences in light of the following Political Science topics and themes we have covered this semester

(corresponding to the readings and topics of the course): American Exceptionalism American Political Culture Public Opinion in the United States The strong role that religion plays in the US

The US Constitution

The US Constitution The structure of our political institutions Federalism Political Participation in the US Political Parties and Elections Inequality (economic, racial, gender, sexual orientation,

etc.) The ruling elite in the US America’s role in the world. Please select one of these topics to place the American approach to this issue in the context of American exceptionalism. Please discuss

the connections thoroughly and thoughtfully, utilizing information from the textbook.

  1. Would the model displayed in the film work well here in the United States? Could this model be a potential solution to this issue in the United States? Why or why not?

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