Media, Culture and the Creative Industries

Select a current or proposed creative media franchise, individual, or artifact to analyse and evaluate. Assess your choice against the elements discussed in the module. Learning Outcomes Assessed by this Assignment This assignment assesses the following module learning outcomes: You should consider your choice carefully, so you can consider the following aspects in your assignment. 1.Where has this project originated? What social, political, economic, cultural and historical factors can you identify that inspired its creation or the creation of some of its elements? 2. Evaluate the successful of this project,or its lack of success. Identify evidence-based reasons as to why it has or hasn’t succeeded. 3. Assess the opportunities for creativity in your choice,from the inception of the idea, to the opportunities afforded to readers,participators, audiences, viewers, or users. How is this creativity organised and structured? 4. Identify and define the relationship between creativity and commercial opportunity within your chosen focus. How are participators encouraged to develop content? Who benefits from that content development? How?5. What theoretical underpinning, from the module content, can you make use of to explain the creative processes at work in your chosen study?

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