Purpose of interest

This statement should be 1-2 pages in length. In your statement please answer the following questions: 1) Provide a brief synopsis of any courses/modules you have studies that have covered the cellular and molecular basis of life. Please make reference to the courses are cell biology,biochemistry, general biology , microbiology, histology 2) Provide details of any previous or current research experience (e g undergraduate project, vacation placements, fieldwork, internships). Describe clearly the aim of the work, yourpart in it, how long the project lasted and whether this research was carried out individually or in a group. Also mention specific techniques you have used.Again, please ensure that you make reference to the cellular and molecular aspects. Participate in an ecology research that was counting number of animals and their breeding it was 3 months long was related to origin of species to Darwin.The other research was in biology labs was related to microbiology lab and was to indicate different diseases and how to use the crispr cas9 3) Outline the reasons why you wish to study this particular Masters programme. Explain how the skills and experiences you have outlined above are relevant to your programme of choice and the career you intend to pursue.

Sample Solution

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