Computer Networking

Company Name:Acme Rockets The retail store has hired you to assist in resolving the recent networking problems that have been occurring. The new owner needs you to address the issues so that his company can accomplish its mission and goals. He thinks that the network needs to expand (or at least be fixed), but at this point, he has no idea what the current network has or what it needs. The owner needs you to assess the current network, come up with some conclusions about next steps, and report the results to him. He wants to make sure that you have a good understanding of his goals and objectives as well as the presenting problems. What are the specific mission and related goals for the retail store?What critical success factors need to be considered throughout this project?What ideas do you have for determining the quantitative and qualitative variables that are needed for measuring success? What specific steps need to be followed to ensure that the proposed solution addresses the mission and goals of the retail store?

Sample Solution

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