Security policies in implementations issues.

Organizations must be aware of the different regulations that apply to their organization and business sector, such as HIPAA, FERPA,CIPA, and others. The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) is one law that attempts to limit the exposure of children to sexually explicit material at libraries and schools. Review the information located at guides/children’s-internet-protection-act. 1. Describe the purpose of CIPA and whom it applies to. Determine why it is important for people attending schools and libraries affected by CIPA to know which schools and libraries must comply with CIPA versus those that do not. 2. Determine some of the legal and technical challenges and issues with the implementation of CIPA. Please use one academic source that is current (for questions 1 and 2) within the last couple of years and please do not over use in-text citations. Thanks.

“Domains of IT Responsibility” 3. Select one of the seven domains of IT responsibility and describe what is encompassed within that domain from a security perspective. Include an explanation of the common security controls implemented within the domain that you selected. 4. Describe The business challenges associated with the domain you selected. Determine the security controls and policies needed to overcome these challenges.

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