Threatening status on social media

Research a recent (past 20 years) U.S. Supreme Court case that held that a defendant’s crime in issuing threatening statements on online social media requires a showing that the defendant intended to issue threats or knew that communications would be viewed as threats. This assignment has two parts:

Write a 1-page, single-spaced. case brief of this case. Besure to include the seven components of a case brief: The name and the citation of the case: Name of litigants and correct legal citation for this reported case. The judicial history: What happened in the lower court(s)? The facts:What happened to bring the parties before the Court? The issues: What is the legal question before this Court? The rule(s): What rules (primary law) did the court rely on in reaching its decision? The analysis: How did the court analyze the facts in light of the legal question and the rules? The holding/conclusion:How did the Court resolve the dispute? Write a brief summary (no longer than 1page) of how the case has been

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