Transgender teens or Muslims

Choose one marginalized group from our society that you will use through all three written assignments. Marginalized groups can include any group that has been discriminated against or faced oppression due to being viewed as the ‘other in society. Marginalization can occurring because of someone’s race, gender, class, sexual orientation, age, religion, or ability.Examples include African Americans, Latinos, women, gay or lesbians, seniors,or people with disabilities.

Once you have selected a group you will write a 2 page paper on the history, cultural identity, and background of your chosen group.This paper should include:

-A history of the group including major events that have affected them as a group (e.g. immigration to the U.S., historical Supreme Court cases)

-Major cultural traditions or background -Currentdemographic information This paper should include at least 3 outside sources.

Sample Solution

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