Notes on Emi Koyama “Disloyal to Feminism”

1. In one-two paragraphs, write a summary of the main overarching topic of this reading. Describe the event, object, people, community, law, or policy, that the author focused on. What reasons did the author describe as her reasons for focusing on these? 2. In one-two paragraph, describe what the author’s main argument is. What is she interpreting, analyzing, what is she asking you to see differently and why? An argument is not a personal opinion. It is a proposed way of seeing or hearing differently, it is an interpretation of an object or subject, it is an analysis about how something works, does not work, and why. There is no right or wrong answer to this question, you are making an argument for what you think the author’s main argument is and that main argument may include smaller points that you will want to include, it is up to you.

Sample Solution

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